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Detective Nick Falco, NYPD
Because the World Needs Another Cop on the Edge
Yeah, so, this is not what usually happens on a Friday. I gotta say, it was an interesting departure from the everyday routine, but...it looks complicated. Well, lemme amend that. It could be real simple, but I dunno that it oughtta be.
She's another cop's sister. I mean, she's a grownup, but there's somethin' about that - it's like she loves gettin' at him. Fun's fun an' all, but the poor guy looks wrecked. Of course, any sympathy I had for 'im went kinda off when he started yellin' at her.
Yeah, great. The middle of this...but damn, she's hot. If she'd start doin' stuff to do it, insteada just to piss him off...'course I can see that Rico can be a bit of a dick...
You know what? None a'my business. She wants me to make it my business, that's one thing.

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Yeah, so the night before last I spent campin' with the unis outside where Counselor Carmichael was stayin'. She sounded shook up, I got nothin' much else to do, and besides, she's hot.
Last night, she sounded worse, because a cop connected to this got beat up bad. That ain't right. What the hell is Major Case doin' anyway?
Anyhow, that's why I was on a stoop in the village all night again. I won six bucks playin' cards, and the guys on the detail made fun of Logan all night. I swear he was yellin' about somethin' you could hear him - and he lives on the fifth floor! Plus, one a' them door to door religious types came stumblin' out, crying and holding a beer. Claims Logan made him see that his whole life was a lie. Ohh-kay.
It's like a house tour a'crazy old cops on this detail. But hey, I don't ask questions. From what I know about Munch, he's a decent guy, and Logan's got a rep for makin' women make dumb decisions. Did I mention she's really good lookin'?
Ah, maybe she's just friends with Logan's daughter. I saw him leavin' the house with her this morning....

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Ok....Ok....I can steer this thing. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Maybe not.

I went drinkin' this evening. Lawyers. Lots of them...I don't mind women lawyers so much.

Accordin' to my hand, I have a date. That sounded bad.

Ok. Gonna find the bed. Maybe. First, maybe lie down here....gvfrbthuyuhjyt6ytrgf5hju hg hgfvbt7
::drools on keyboard::

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::knocks on the screen::
Ok, so, what? This is a diary? I don't need no diary.


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